Soooo where do I begin, without rambling on and on….???? I’ll try keep this short!
Girls I don’t think I have ever gotten too personal on here since starting my blog in 2013 and if you’ve followed me for awhile you know I’m very easy going and try to keep things light and as fun as possible and of course more or less fashion related etc…after all isn’t that what’s it’s all about.

However last week I took a bit of a turn in the world of blogging and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the support of my followers, friends and family I genuinely think I’d have packed it all in. I don’t want to alarm anyone, nothing that bad actually happened ( believe me I know there’s a lot worse happening in the world ) but like any job you can have good weeks and bad weeks and last week was…well let’s just say it wasn’t ideal and a few alarm bells went off in my head ????

Rather then getting into the nitty gritties of it all, to sum it up I just felt like I had lost my way a little bit. For a few reasons, the main one being the amount of online hate that’s been thrown out at bloggers this late while REALLY made me take a step back. I have seen some of the people that I love to follow every day at the receiving end of this “blogger hate” including myself and sure – some take it better then others but it’s really started to get to me lately. I mean that across the board, not just what’s been sent to me, just in general I got sick of looking at all of the mean comments toward everyone.
I mean at the end of the day it’s only fashion and what not that the majority of us talk about and yet I have seen some bloggers in floods of tears from online trolls and the crazy comments that flood there newsfeed every day.

I for one was always great at letting things over my head, but seeing more and more of it every day had me thinking why??
Why do we get so much stick?
The term #ad almost had me petrified to ever start getting paid for a job incase I lost all my followers. Crazy right? Or is it….?
I just started to feel like nobody even liked bloggers anymore or that people were just sick of us and it made me feel bad about myself, it had me asking myself, am I doing something wrong here? Am I part of something that poeple just want to make fun of now? I even saw that there are even some groups dedicated to slagging off bloggers. Is it the more successful you get the more your followers dislike you? Sooooo many questions, so many doubts in my mind. So I was just a bit lost. I just felt I didn’t want to be part of it anymore. Please keep in mind I’m not speaking for all of my followers this is purely the “haters” they know who they are.

The other thing is Snapchat, its always been my main platform and it’s what really brought me to where I am today. However this late while, I found myself constantly putting stories and deleting it and questioning what I was putting up and saying “oh god no, they won’t like that” or, just in general doubting almost everything that got me here in the first place.
Id then ask myself are people sick of looking at me? Everything has a sell by date, you know I found maybe showing every single fiddle faddle of my life every day of the week was getting old, am I boring people? Is Snapchat over? Do I need to come up with something else?
The thing is, I realised that this doubt only came from the negative cloud that had been hovering over me due to the online shite from keyboard warriors that I’d been getting recently and well that just sucked considering I have a genuine love for what I do and it’s amazing how people can make you doubt yourself even this far on in the game.
I believe the reason I did so well on snapchat in the first place was because I never cared about what people thought, I am always a hundred per cent myself and id hate to lose that. If I wanted to get a chicken curry and post about being hungover I would do that, I never worried about anybody saying ” oh she’s promoting an unhealthy lifestyle” because to me, I was the very one showing the average girl doing real things, real life! Basically these questions I never thought I’d ask myself on my Snapchat as my attitude has always been what you see is what you get. Im not a fake person, I don’t fluff around, I show you my life as it is, I probably do go out too much and eat too many take aways haha but thats me and I have never tried or pretended to be something or someone that Im not. My real followers would see through that straight away.

So all of that being said – it brought me to this point.
Imagine doubting everything you stand for because of the people who would rather say something mean then support you and wish you well.
BUT BUT BUT…..How could I even BEGIN to forget about the tens of thousands who love my blog and who want to interact every day and see me succeed and to those people, I’m sorry for letting myself get into such a rut and I can’t thank you enough for your support . You are what keeps me here, and made me stick at it.
Its only now after writing this I feel I can get back to my normal antics on snapchat and embrace any of the good opportunities that come my way,be it Ads, collaborations or whatever the case may be because I worked so hard to get here,I can’t stop now. I know my followers trust me at this stage and I would only put my name to something I was passionate about.As a blogger it’s amazing to see bigger brands wanting to work with you,to me its like getting a promotion, why should anyone apologise for that just because its not your average job, its different, i get that, but I can promise you it comes with it’s bad days too.

So girls here’s where I’m at, I think the best thing for me to do is continue to do what I love and that’s keeping Sineads Curvy Style and everything that comes with it alive and kicking.
This started as a hobbie and it turned into to something far greater then I ever could of imagined. I have built up a following of over 60K since 2013 and Its amazing to see it grow every day.
Lastly maybe Snapchat is dying a bit of a death across the board but I love a challenge and it’s my job to think of new and exciting ways to keep sharing my life with you all, it may not be as exciting as I would like every day but I’m still here.
I’m here because I want to inspire women to love their curves and to be happy in themselves and just to have fun.

To every person who’s reading this now, I love you for following me to this point and sticking with me. I don’t want to give in to the online shite and I don’t want to be discouraged by haters opinions. I know what I’m about and I don’t think I’d have gotten this far if you didn’t either.

So as I said from the beginning Its hard to try and explain this or share how I have been feeling exactly, but I had to say something because I was going INSAINE. Its taken me over a week to get this off my chest and my social media has suffered since. I did get a little bit lost but I have to remember you’re all still here and that has to be a good sign. Hopefully we can all be a little nicer to each other. Lastly ( this is for the haters ) Remember us bloggers are just doing what we love, we are not out to get anyone, I share my life daily for every person who has said I have inspired them, you can love or hate my reviews, you can unfollow if you dont like me personally, but remember you don’t actually know me and you should think twice before you jump the gun on your phone or keyboard. Were all only human after all and for the love a jaysis, ITS JUST FASHION, relax haha .Thats all folks xx

Ps I did a great job at keeping this short ????????

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